Feminine embodiment Yoga for Healing


Tailored holistic yoga programs, private and group classes available for booking.

This style of Hatha Yoga is deeply meditative, restorative and rejuvenating.  


Learn how to use yoga as a tool for healing and understand the impact of different asanas and energy flow for their specific healing effects on the body and mind. Assisting in a wide range of body and mind ailments, working on the deeper layers of being and the 5 bodies - physical, prana, emotional, mental and bliss body. 


Incorporating breath work, meditation and feminine embodiment practices, including jade egg practices and cultivation of sexual energy.

Sexual energy is life force energy so cultivating this practice of connection to self and the core is powerful for healing, self worth and empowerment. 

If you have underlying health issues or imbalances in your energetic body, we can create a tailored yoga program for you to follow along at home in your own practice and target these imbalances.

Specific programs designed to support women who suffer from ongoing vaginal discomfort, vaginal pain or chronic thrush/ bacterial infections and a sense of disconnection from pleasure / sexual energy. Also offering support for detox and breast implant illness recovery.


Sessions available in person at your home or online

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