Transform your health and relationships


I’m Kimara and I’m a Transformational Health Coach, certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition® and Hatha Yoga Teacher.

I’m crazy passionate about health, healing and the power we have to create our reality.

I want to share with you a holistic approach to health that can transform your body, relationships + life.

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What if you had the power to transform your health?

I truly believe that your health, your emotions and your mindset towards life are deeply connected to each other, and that we as a society are obsessed with treating the symptoms, rather than looking for the root cause.

I was plagued by so many health problems and spent years trying so many things thinking I was doing everything right not realising that I wasn’t getting to the root cause of my problem.

Most of my problems were stress, inflammation and hormone related, as well as feminine imbalances. Every time I would heal something, another thing would come up. The patterns keeping me sick and unhappy were just repeating themselves in all areas of my life, with food, relationships and my health. I didn’t realise all of my problems were due to a faulty mindset and a negative relationship with myself.

I’ve managed to heal myself physically, all of my symptoms and emotional upheaval. Now I dedicate myself to helping others with all of these issues. 

Your intention, emotions and thoughts are the key to improving your health, wellbeing and relationships. The answer to healing lies within.

This is because the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body are interconnected. Supporting your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies has an effect on your physical body and vice versa.

I admit that thoughts influence the body
— Albert Einstein

So if you feel like you’re getting no where constantly addressing the physical — trying diets, protocols, supplements, cleanses, detoxing — maybe its time to delve a bit deeper into your emotions, your mindset and the connection to your inner world

Health is about SO much more than just what you eat

Diet and exercise are not the only ingredients to a happy and healthy life, in fact, they play a much smaller role than we’ve been led to believe…

True nourishment and feeling healthy comes from a balanced lifestyle, where we feel content in all aspects of life - mind, body and soul. It’s SO MUCH more than just about what we eat and how we move. Sure, nutrition and exercise are important, but finding balance and feeling content in our lives is key. We must find other ways to nurture and nourish the soul and body.

Things like feeling a sense of purpose, relationships, relaxation, fun, exercise and career have a big impact on our health. Many of us crave freedom because we are not doing what we love. This shows up in health problems, addictive tendencies or problems with body image issues.

When something is out of balance in our lives, it can show up in constant health problems and emotional dissatisfaction.