Harnessing the Magic of Radical Alignment

ebook + 7 day Workbook

In seven days, we bring the steps each day to bring you back into alignment with your true self. 

Radical Alignment is the feeling that you get when are on your divine path, living your truth and following your bliss. You feel connected and guided in each moment. You enjoy the present moment and you aren’t rushing through life. It is that feeling of spaciousness in your day to allow for greater awareness of love and appreciation for your life. Those moments where you find the sweet spot and tune into the frequency of love. 

Living in Radical Alignment opens you up to receive unconditional love, joy and abundance from the universe. It is a place of trust and knowing that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

When you are in this vibration, it is law of energy and attraction that the universe will support you and rise up to match your frequency.


Early Sans

I found the e-book very simple and easy to follow with potent effects.
I noticed changes in my thought patterns and energy which at first wasn’t very pleasant.
What I found was that in the process of radical alignment you face your fears, barriers, and the things you aren’t happy with in your life. The biggest obstacle for me was working in a job and I’m not too fond of. The wisdom and exercises of this program inspired me to do something about it. Throughout the seven days I was flooded with ideas and thoughts that are true to my purpose. I took these ideas and started to plan and execute them. I immediately got a hunting for a new job and got an interview for teaching guitar. I contacted an animator friend for an exciting new project involving a cartoon band. I definitely found more clarity in my mind and a buzzing excitement in my soul. In that way I believe the radical alignment was a big success to me. 

JessicA Sturgess

For me, this resource has taught me that the best place to find alignment and a sense of self is within my own mind. I'm so much more willing to embrace who I am and I am enjoying tapping into the Play Vibration much more often. Thank you for the opportunity to explore the benefits of getting back into alignment with my true self! 


Alicia jayne

I feel refreshed and redirected to my path after the 7 day radical alignment ebook. I have had a shitty time at work lately and this has helped me remember where I want to be and who I want to radiate from my body. I enjoyed the questions and it was brief enough to stay focused on the daily task and for it into my day. Thank you.