new moon weekend retreat

3rd - 5th may 2019


Infused with the energy of Taurus New Moon, calling on the Goddess of Venus we dive deep into yoga + rituals to create space for grounding, stability, pleasure and love.




  • 2 nights in luxurious Hunter Valley accommodation

  • Organic / locally sourced ingredients for vegan meals + treats

  • New Moon Cacao Ceremony with bonfire, release + intention setting… including vegan picnic in the gardens

  • Tantra Hatha Yoga and Yoni Flow Yoga, working to release emotions, trauma and invite pleasure into your core through pelvic work, gentle breathwork and yoga.

  • Astrology Workshop, touching on the themes of Taurus New Moon; grounding, sensuality

  • Mindful Eating Discussions

  • Guided Meditations to connect you to your intuition

  • How to use rituals to create stability and invite space for more love, pleasure and freedom in the body


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Afternoon arrival at the gorgeous Hunter Moon property in the Hunter Valley.

Settle in at sunset, with fresh kombucha and an opening circle. Optional Jacuzzi and / or Yoga Nidra before bed.  


Begin the day with a grounding Yoni Flow Yoga practice to energize the core and awaken the heart.

Delicious buffet breakfast with a discussion on mindful eating + holistic nutrition. 

Astrology Workshop for working with the New Moon in Taurus; stability, grounding, sensuality, pleasure and creating beautiful spaces through ritual in which we thrive

Pranayama breathwork to awaken the senses and bring consciousness into the body before enjoying an organic / locally sourced, nourishing vegan lunch.

Feminine Embodiment and Yoni Flow Yoga Workshop: Working to release emotions, trauma and invite pleasure into your core through pelvic work, gentle breathwork and yoga.

Organic / locally sourced vegan dinner

Astrology Workshop + Guided Meditation


Dynamic Sunrise Tantra Yoga followed by New Moon Cacao Ceremony with bonfire and picnic breakfast





$1150 for Private Room (limited)

$999 for Twin Share

Early Bird

$850 for Twin Share until March 21st



All meals, 2 nights accommodation and all workshops.

Own transport is required to and from Hunter Valley, 2 hours from Sydney.

For more information please click here.

What to Expect

Working deeply in connection with the cycles of nature, astrology, yoga and awakening the heart space, we invite the frequency of love, pleasure and stability into our lives.

Learning how to connect with yourself and nourish the body with love and joy.



Nourishment for Body + Soul

Release of old emotions

A feeling of lightness

Clarity with your intentions

Connection with like minded souls

Connection to femininity and empowering your core essence

Healing for womb space and feminine energy

Connection to the stars through deeper understanding of astrology