Wow what a night! Thank you for the amazing experience. Truly grateful to be around such beautiful people. Infinite gratitude for all the wisdom and guidance. Love all of you so much.
— Daniel, Sydney - Amplified Cacao Ceremony

I just want to thank you all for a beautiful healing night last night. Purely magical. Awesome space. And thank you for all the beautiful souls who shared their journeys with me. I feel blessed to meet all of you. Really felt like I’ve known everyone for a long time. Much love xx
— Rabih, Sydney - Amplified Cacao Ceremony

Thank you to all of the unique souls that attended last night. Im truly blessed to meet you all & learnt so many beautiful new things. Stay amazing & true to yourself. This life is such a gift.
— Sophie, Sydney - Amplified Cacao Ceremony

Kimara, you have been my life line on my health journey, you have stood by me and given me so much support and encouragement I cannot thank you enough, you have been there giving me your knowledge, helped me through with my mindset, given new ideas on how to tackle my struggles and really given me a shake up when needed. Your knowledge, compassion, understanding and support has by far been nothing short of amazing! I truly thank you, my health truly thanks you.

If anybody is going through any health issues, weight problems, I highly recommend Kimara, you will get someone who is honestly there to help, who wants to show you how your life can be better, why your health is so important, a genuine free spirited soul who actually cares! Kimara has truly shown me a new life, and I know she can do the same to you. Kimara you are a blessing.
— Stacey, Sydney - Transformation Coaching